Organize Jira issues into multilevel structured plans

Create directories and move your Jira issues there for hierarchical views. Move issues and sub-tasks underneath each other. Don't work around Jira, Organise Jira to work for you, and give beeter

Easily add issues from multiple projects

Use Jira Query Language (JQL) to find issues you would like to add to Panorama. Drag & drop to add them to your Jira project plan. You can also easily create issues from Panorama view using the inline create functionality.

Better understand your progress with grouping

Grouping issues allows you to get a better understanding of your progress. You can group by multiple issue fields, such as status, sprint, assignee and more. Progress bars show how are you tracking towards completion.

Structured Jira hierarchies help manage projects across teams. Jira projects that spread across multiple teams or departments can be better managed and reported on using Panorama for Jira. 

Manage multiple Jira epics, issues, and sub-tasks to allow better visualization using directories. Restructure Jira epics, issues, and subtasks, or create new issues from within the Panorama view.

Group Jira issues by version, priority, or status. Check for open Jira issues by status, sprint, assignee, project, reporter or issue type.

Create projects with Panorama for Jira structured as you like. Jira greatly benefits from multi-level functionality, Panorama for Jira lets you structure projects and track progress.

"I love this plugin! I have recommended it to some of my clients and I have it in my own instance. It is great for getting a big picture of a lot of issues in a hierarchical view and the ability to do a "group by" on various fields on the structure gives really quick visual views of project status that are very helpful. Support is awesome as well.

Would definitely recommend!"Nancy Bennett


"Everything about Panorama is great. It comes with lots of features for planning, exploring and project overview. Support is awesome, I needed help twice and they always respond immediately." - Greg Khot

Jira Issue Hierarchy Sub-Task Links

Link Jira Sub-tasks and Issues in a structured hierarchy.