Visualize OKRs in Jira

Create objectives and key results from within Jira. Now everyone can check the status, and easily track progress towards OKRs, directly in Jira. Always stay up to date, with a view of the progress and status of your team’s important goals, all in one place.

Gain visibility

into team progress

Get at a glance history and real-time updates of how your team has progressed. Understanding the trend line will help you predict whether you’re on track to achieving your Objectives and Key Results. Plan long term initiatives for your team and easily share information about the status of these initiatives

Get the Full Picture and manage OKRs with Jira

If Jira and OKRs are central to how your teams work, then why silo them? Keep your OKRs close to the people working on them. Make objectives, and key results visible to all stakeholders,

directly in Jira.